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Stories of Grit & Glory

Think of a CEO.

Who do you see?

We Googled it!

You can't be what you can't see.

Let's change the narrative. It begins with sharing the often untold stories of remarkable women entrepreneurs and CEOs. Together, we can inspire the next generation of women leaders.

THE ICONS: Stories of Grit & Glory
Rebels. Trailblazers. Innovators. These women have broken barriers to build some of the most well-known brands on the planet, but do you recognize their stories?


A fashion designer and mother of five, this former copy writer has become one of the most recognizable archetypes of the working mom.


She used her own lifestyle as inspiration for women who work, raise children, and entertain. In doing so, she addressed the market gap among consumers looking for a polished and effortless look on-the-go. 


This very personal stamp on her brand has led to extraordinarily rapid growth. In less than a decade, she managed to build a billion-dollar fashion brand.

These global leaders inspire us all to take on new challenges and transcend boundaries.





On August 7, 2017 FRESHVOICES launched during an unprecedented 24-hour live TV marathon on HSN supporting women entrepreneurs and Vital Voices. 


HSN is one of the most powerful vehicles for women entrepreneurs to achieve success. By reaching 90 million households, the network enables women entrepreneurs to directly speak to their customers, bypassing traditional barriers. 



On August 7, FreshPaper Inventor Kavita appeared live on HSN for 24 hours to share her simple innovation.

FreshPaper began as Kavita's middle school science project, but it took her nearly a decade to find the courage to take the next step with her idea. She started out by taking a handmade batch of FreshPaper to her local farmer’s market.


Only a year later, she was invited to share her idea at Lincoln Center during the star-studded Women in the World Summit as a “Toyota Mother of Invention.”


That moment changed everything for Kavita's small social enterprise, catapulting her simple idea to national consciousness.

During the HSN marathon, we'll be making an in-kind donation of FreshPaper to Vital Voices to support women-led organizations working to create sustainable change around the world.


Vital Voices has been empowering women leaders around the world for 20 years. Today, its innovative programs are charting a new course for women’s leadership. Vital Voices partners with human rights activists, political and civic leaders, and entrepreneurs – women who create the world they imagine & drive transformation in their communities and beyond.

Those tuning in to the HSN marathon will have the opportunity to win a trip to NYC for the 2018 Women in the World Summit at Lincoln Center.


The Summit is one of the world's premier platforms to showcase women of impact, presenting powerful female role models ranging from CEOs and world leaders to artists, activists & peacemakers. The Summit hosts an incredibly influential audience, with tremendous amplification of its inspiring content.

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"Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

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